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Nepali Lokta Paper (Nepali Kagaj/ Nepali Paper)

Discover the charm of Nepali Lokta Paper(Nepali kagaj / Nepali Paper) , a highly regarded traditional craft with a long history that ingrains itself in the country’s rich culture. Nepali Paper is made from the fibrous bark of the Daphne plant, is a representation of artisanal skill, sustainability, and cultural legacy.

The Story Behind Nepali Paper/ Nepali Kagaj:

Nepali Lokta Paper comes from the rough terrain of the Himalayas and has been made by talented artisans by hand for millennia. This paper-making history goes back more than a millennium, and it is derived from the fibrous bark of the Lokta (Daphne) plant. Beyond its long history, the sustainable production practices of Nepali Kagaj are what really set it apart.

Creative Applications of Nepali paper:

The versatility of Nepali Kagaj knows no bounds. From elegant stationery and exquisite invitations to handmade journals and artistic prints, Nepali Paper lends a touch of sophistication to any project. Its resilience and longevity make it ideal for archival purposes, while its eco-friendly credentials appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Why Choose Nepali Lokta Paper:

Selecting Nepali Paper is about appreciating a piece of living history as much as supporting sustainable methods. Choosing Nepali kagaj /Nepali Paper means you’re supporting local artists’ jobs and the preservation of Nepali culture in addition to getting a high-quality product.

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