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Plain Singing bowls

Handmade Plain Singing Bowl (SB3009)


Plain Engraved Singing Bowl

Plain Engraved Singing Bowl

Tuned Full-Moon Singing Bowl Set – 7 Set (SB3012)

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4-8 inches full moon singing bowl set of 7-Chakra Healing singing Bowl set

  • Handmade singing Bowl once in every full moon day of each month.
  • Ships from a small business in Nepal
  • Materials: 7 metal, rosewood, silk, felts
  • Best for Yoga, Meditation, Healing and music
  • Longer sounds and high quality.
  • Comes with mallet and cushion.
  • Perfect gift for your friend or loved.
  • includes 7 mallet, cushion, striker

Singing Bowl Size”
Diameter : 4-8 inches
Height : 3-5 inches
Weight(approx.) 5.5 kilogram ± 15 grams
Shipping weight: 8 kilogram ± 15 grams

Handmade Tibetan Mantra Stunning art Singing Bowl , Himalayan Gupla Singing Bowl for Meditation, Sound, Peace and Love, Mindfulness Yoga Chakra Healing Read more about Singing Bowls.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 9 $660.00
10 - 49 6.82 % $615.00
50+ 10.61 % $590.00
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Full-moon singing bowl set:

We have thoughtfully crafted the Tuned Full moon singing bowl mesmerizing collection to enhance your meditation and sound therapy practices. Skilled artisans have meticulously handcrafted each bowl in this set, ensuring a perfect harmony of sound and spiritual resonance.

The Tuned full-moon singing Bowl Set have found use in meditation, music, relaxation, personal well-being, healing energy, and chakra alignment. Chakra note: all seven chakras – a, b, c, d, e, f & g. A diverse range of professionals, including health professionals, school teachers, musicians, and spiritual teachers, use them.

Healthcare professionals, including psychotherapists, massage therapists, and specialists in cancer treatment, stress management, and meditation, employ singing bowls. They utilize these bowls to assist in the treatment of cancer patients and individuals dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. They are popular in classrooms to help facilitate group activities and focus students’ attention. This singing bowls were hand-crafted in Nepal. This singing set includes seven singing bowls and7 strikers (mallets).

Whether you’re an experienced meditator or just embarking on your mindfulness journey, the Tuned Full-Moon Singing Bowl Set offers an immersive experience that resonates with celestial energy. The set includes bowls of various sizes, each tuned to a specific note, allowing you to create a celestial symphony that connects you to the universe and fosters inner peace. Explore this extraordinary collection of singing bowls today and experience the enchanting harmony of sound, spirituality, and cosmic resonance.

Please note that hand crafted singing bowls may have slight variations in measurements, the measurements listed here are close approximations.

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4-8 inches, 5-10 inches, 6-11 inches, 7pcs 5 inches, 8-12 inches


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