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Welcome to Thasicraft, Nepal’s best handcraft whole seller, retailer , exporter and your gateway to a world filled with the greatest handcrafted gifts. We are more than just an online store/Exporter ; we are the storytellers of the artists whose love of what they do and their skills breathe life to each work of art.

Our Mission

We bring you the best quality hand crafted products at a very reasonable price.

Quality products, Wide selection, Secure transaction, Fast & Reliable Shipping, Reliable Customer Service.

Our Journey

We at Thasicraft embarked on this amazing journey with a vision of bridging the gap between artisans and art lovers across the world. With a humble beginning, we started as a tiny family run business in 2006 AD. we have spent more than 15 years to the art of handcrafting and exporting quality handcrafted items to all across the world for promoting and love of our culture.

We take immense pride of having a collection of exquisite handcrafted treasures. Each items in our catalog, weather it be the melodies of our singing bowls, the coziness of Yak wool and Pashmina shawls, the rustic appeal of lokta Papers and the mesmerizing beauty of our water shawls etc, is a labor of love,talent and tradition.

Our singing bowls resonate with serenity into your life as they seems to echo through time. Our pashmina shawl will wrap you in cocoon of luxury and culture. The earthly textures of Lokta Papers bring the natural beauty of Nepal to your  desk, while the soft and coziness of Yak Wool plush warmth defies the Himalayan Cold. On the other hand, our Water Shawls capture the graceful dance of colors on fabric, inspiring awe with each and every gaze.

Thasicraft aim to provide not just a product but a piece of heart and soul of the craftsmen. You embrace a craftsmanship, a piece of tradition, and a touch of love, all weaved into every masterpiece when you choose Thasicraft instead of just purchasing a handcrafted items.

Crafted with Love: Our Masterpiece

Embracing the Art of connection

Thasi Craft is a place to connect rather than just shop. We believe that the art has the capacity to cross limitations, language barriers and cultural barriers. By choosing Thasicraft, you’re not just acquiring a piece of art; you become a part of global family that values creativity and craftsmanship

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