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Handmade Lokta Colours Paper A4 Size (LP1004)

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A4 Lokta Paper – Color Paper – 20 Sheets per Packet


  • Size:- A4 (21cm x 29.5cm)
  • Strong and durable, Eco friendly, Tree free
  • Purpose:- Wedding Invitation, Restaurant Menu Paper, Card making, Personalized Stationary
  • Handmade, Acid Free
  • Content:- 20 Sheets Per Packet
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50+ 11.11 % $2.00
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Handmade Lokta color papers is a vibrant testament to the art of traditional craftsmanship and the beauty of natural, sustainable materials. Artisans meticulously handcraft each sheet of Lokta paper from the inner bark of the Lokta bush, a sustainable resource found in the Himalayan region. This eco-friendly paper comes in a stunning array of hues, each capturing the essence of nature’s colors and the rich heritage of Nepal.

The intricate process of creating Handmade Lokta color papers involves hand-dyeing the pulp with natural pigments, producing sheets that are not only visually appealing but also uniquely textured. These papers are a celebration of creativity, offering a canvas that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re crafting invitations, origami, or other artistic endeavors, Lokta Colours Paper is the perfect choice to make your projects stand out.

The versatility of Lokta Colours Paper knows no bounds. Its durability and eco-conscious origins make it an ideal choice for artists, artisans, and anyone who values both sustainability and aesthetics. Explore our collection today and add a vibrant touch of nature’s hues to your creative projects, infusing them with the timeless allure of traditional craftsmanship and the beauty of the Himalayas.

Available in various colors and Natural/Cream with Straight Edge
Strong and durable, Eco friendly, tree free, acid free

Use of Handmade Lokta color papers

Whether you’re crafting greeting cards, embarking on scrapbooking adventures, practicing calligraphy, or creating fine art, these sheets provide the ideal canvas.

Please note that our handmade Lokta paper products exhibit variations in sizes, thicknesses, and appearances due to their unique nature. These variations are a natural characteristic of authentic Nepalese Lokta paper and signify quality. Machine-made products lack these distinctive features (unlike ours). When sourcing Lokta paper products, ensure they possess these attributes.

We offer custom-made products upon request, which differ in manufacturing and delivery times. Please message us for any of your inquiries.


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