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Lokta Wrap Paper : Marigold Jacaranda

Handmade Lokta Wrap Paper : Marigold Jacaranda (LW1404)


A4 Blue Petal Lokta Paper (LP1001)

A4 size Blue Petal lokta paper

A4 Natural Lokta Paper (LP1003)

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A4 Lokta Paper – Natural – 20 Sheets Per Packet


  • Size:- A4 (21cm x 29.5cm)
  • 80gsm approx.
  • Purpose:- Wedding Invitation, Restaurant Menu Paper, Card making, Personalized Stationary
  • USE: – the paper can be used in Inkjet and Laser Printer
  • Handmade, Acid Free, Durable
  • Content : 20 Sheets Per Packet
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50+ 12 % $1.10
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A4 Natural Lokta Paper is cherished for their exceptional quality and unique handcrafted nature. It stands as a testament to the art of papermaking. Skilled artisans transform the inner bark of the Lokta bush into sheets of paper, each a masterpiece of precision and creativity. This meticulous process not only ensures the preservation of traditional techniques but also contributes to the sustainability of the environment.

Every sheet of A4 Natural Lokta paper radiates a sense of elegance and individuality. The vibrant hues and natural textures embedded within the paper’s fibers tell a story of artistry and heritage. When you hold one of these sheets, you’re not just handling paper; you’re connecting with the rich history and the skilled hands that brought it to life.

The versatility of A4 Natural Lokta papers knows no bounds. These sheets are ideal for various creative projects, including crafting, scrapbooking, calligraphy, and fine art. Their texture and durability make them a favorite among artists and artisans alike. Whether you’re creating a special greeting card, a work of art, or a unique project, A4 Lokta papers are your canvas for endless possibilities. Explore our collection today and let your creativity flow on these exquisite, eco-friendly sheets of paper.

This paper originates from the fibrous inner bark of Daphne Cannabina papyracea, known locally as ‘Lokta.’ People find this evergreen shrub on the southern slopes of the Himalayan country of Nepal at altitudes ranging from 1600 to 4000 meters. Lokta demonstrates the remarkable ability to regenerate within 5 to 7 years after harvesting. People collect the bark with environmental awareness, leaving large-scale ‘Lokta’ resources untapped.



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