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Handmade Lokta Paper Lampshade (large)

Nepali Handmade Lokta Paper Journal

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• Size: 15cm * 21cm
• Eco friendly, tree free, acid free
• Strong, Durable and Renewable
• 80 Pages
• Color- Black, Blue
• Perfect for sketchbook, travel journal, camping journal

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Handmade Lokta Paper Journal 

Artisans meticulously handcraft Lokta paper notebooks from the fibers of the Lokta bush, an eco-friendly and sustainable source. Each notebook exudes a natural texture and warm, earthy colors, making it a unique canvas for your ideas and creativity. These journals are more than just writing tools; they’re a commitment to sustainability and a connection to traditional craftsmanship.

The durable pages and unique texture make them ideal companions for artists, writers, and anyone who values both the beauty of nature and the craft of journaling.

Notebook: 21cm x15 cm Writing Journal, Handmade in the Himalayas with 80 Pages. Great as a nature sketchbook, travel journal, camping journal, yoga journal, bullet journal, or for tracking Notes.

RENEWABLE PAPER SOURCE: Lokta paper is made from the Lokta bush, a renewable source grown on the Southern slopes of the Himalayas. The bush grows back quickly when cut. Cuttings are cooked into a pulp and then spread by hand on boxed screens and dried in the Himalayan sunshine.

IDEAL:- This Handmade Lokta Paper Journal /notebook are ideal for gift in any occasion.

Made:- Made in Nepal

Let each page be a canvas for your ideas, a testament to your commitment to the environment, and a connection to the rich heritage of the Himalayas.

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