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yellow plain pashmina shawl

Cashmere Plain Pashmina Shawl (Yellow)(CS40011)


Handmade Natural Plain Blue Color Pure Cashmere Scarf- Single Ply (CS40015)

Natural Plain Blue Cashmere shawl

Handmade Plain Cashmere Shawl- (Black Color)(CS40014)

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Nepalese Handmade Natural Cashmere Pashmina Scarf

• Hand loomed Fair Trade Product
• Design: Plain Natural
• Colors: Black
• Measurement Approximately: 70cm x 200cm (Standard size)
• Perfect GIFT for your Right person

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Handmade Plain Pashmina Shawl.

Local and experienced craftswomen hand-loom our products. Our products are available in various colors and designs which are suitable for both men and women. We believe in fair trade, and we always focus on Eco-Friendly production.

Nepalese experts manufacture the  Plain Handmade Pashmina Shawl to uphold a standard of quality and care.
It is super soft and luxurious 100% top grade cashmere pashmina.

A “Cashmere Plain Pashmina Shawl” typically represents a shawl made from cashmere wool in a plain or solid color. The term “Pashmina” denotes a fine and soft shawl. The world of textiles highly prizes cashmere for its exceptional softness and warmth. These shawls are a luxurious and timeless accessory, perfect for adding style and warmth to various outfits.

The term “plain” indicates that the shawl lacks intricate patterns or designs, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. Individuals often drape it over their shoulders as an elegant accessory for formal attire or wear it casually for added comfort and warmth. The Cashmere Plain Pashmina Shawl embodies both simplicity and sophistication.

Artisans use traditional techniques to hand-weave and hand-spin the cashmere fibers into these shawls, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Artisans often source the fine underbelly hair of goats in the Himalayan region for cashmere wool, and it is renowned for its fineness and warmth.

Overall, our Handmade Cashmere Plain Pashmina Shawl symbolizes timeless elegance and comfort, making it a cherished addition to any wardrobe and a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

The quality 100% cashmere pashmina is warm from undyed cashmere giving a subtle shade variation.

Care Instructions:
Dry Clean or Hand wash in cold water Recommended.

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