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Orange Yak Wool Blanket

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Handmade Beautiful Sky Blue Yak Wool Blanket (YW2009)

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Handmade Beautiful Yak Wool Blanket Sky Blue Oversized Shawl/Throws Meditation Wrap Blanket Yak Wool Hand-Loomed Nepal

Product Size and Color
High-Quality Pure Handwoven Nepalese yak wool Large Scarfs Shawl Wrap
• Hand Woven Fair Trade Product
• Design: Handmade Yak Wool
• Color: Sky Blue
• Measurement (Standard size): 90 Inch x 47 Inch ( not include tassels)
• Perfect GIFT for yourself or your loved one

Material: Yak Wool

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 9 $4.90
10 - 49 6.12 % $4.60
50+ 14.29 % $4.20
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This Sky Blue Yak wool blanket/shawl is not only soft and unique but also cozy, light, and warm. Handmade with care and hand-loomed, it represents ethical luxury. Originating from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, this yak wool blanket is perfect for both indoor and outdoor experiences, whether you’re camping or facing windy and cold days.
Very soft non-itchy and extremely warm. You can use this shawl for many other purposes; for e.g, wrapped around or use it as a cover for bed and sofa. The main benefit of having a shawl is, it’s very light, extremely warm, soft and handy.

A sky blue yak wool blanket is an opulent option when looking for the ideal blanket that blends warmth, comfort, and design. These blankets are in great demand because they provide a special combination of attributes.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water Recommended.

All our Yak Wool products are from Nepal. The country of Himalayas, where the suitable environment is present for Yak Wool production. One of the Main income sources for the local communities of Himalayas is Yak Wool yarn production. All Our Yak Wool products are Hand loomed by the local people. We believe in fair trade. We always look after for fair wages and sustainable environment.

Our Price:
Our all Yak Wool products are very good quality, but we are offering very reasonable price for our customer. We are able to do this because we directly work with local people, who are involved in our Yak Wool production. It means there is no third party in between.


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