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handbeaten buddha carved flat base singing bowl

Hand-Beaten Buddha Carved Flat Base Singing Bowl


Hand Beaten Singing Bowl – Lingam Design (SB3006)

handbeaten lingam design singing bowl

Praying Bell and Bajra

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Hand- Beaten Best Quality Singing Bowl with Wooden Handle

  • Handmade
  • Primary Material: Bronze
  • Best for Yoga, Charka Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Healing Therapy
  • Comes with mallet
  • Perfect Gift for your loved one
  • Sizes: 9cm, 10cm, 11cm

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The Praying Bell and Bajra Singing Bowl is a unique instrument crafted with a blend of seven metals for sound healing and therapy. This innovative design of the Singing bowl incorporates a sturdy handle making it easy to hold the bowl during their healing sessions. The resonant tones/sound of this singing bowl resemble the purity of a Conch Shell, making it ideal for initiating or concluding healing rituals.

Additionally, its cleansing properties extend beyond individual healing, offering a harmonious aura suitable for purifying living spaces. Integrating the soothing sound of this bowl into your healing practice can enhance the therapeutic experience, promoting balance and serenity.

The handle has practical uses, such as:

  1. Ease of carrying: The handle makes it simple to take the singing bowl from one location to another without having to hold it by the rim, which can be difficult due to its smooth surface and rounded form.
  2. Stability during use: The handle adds stability and control, allowing the user to have a stable grasp while hitting or circling the bowl.
  3. Unique aesthetic: The handle adds a distinct visual aspect, making it stand out from standard designs.

How to play a Handle singing bowl?

  1. Securely hold the Singing Bowl by its wooden handle.
  2. Gently strike the bowl with the wooden mallet or glide it evenly around the rim.
  3. Focus on the resonating sound, aiming for a connection with the bowl.
  4. Avoid playing too quickly to prevent distortion of the sound.
  5. Likewise, prevent playing too slowly to sustain the sound.
  6. Maintain a balanced tempo for a meditative experience.

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10cm, 11cm, 9cm


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