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Etching buddha-carved singing bowl

Etching Buddha-Carved Singing Bowl (SB3001)


Etching Singing Bowl Set of 7- Handmade Tibetan Chakra healing Singing Bowl (SB3010)

etching singing bowl set of 7

Etching singing bowls (SB3002)

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Best Quality Himalayan Etching Singing Bowls – Gupla Singing bowl
• Etching Tibetan Mantra Perfect Palm sized singing bowl from Nepal
• Best for Yoga, Charka Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Healing Therapy
• Design: Gupla Design high quality
• Comes with mallet and Cushion
• Perfect Gift for your loved one

Handmade Tibetan Mantra Stunning art Singing Bowl , Himalayan Gupla Singing Bowl for Meditation, Sound, Peace and Love, Mindfulness Yoga Chakra Healing Read more about Singing Bowls.

**Note:- Weight excluding Cushion and Sticks, the bowls can be customized as for your request.

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Etching in Gupla design. It also known as Tibetan bowl, ‘Himalayan bowls’ which help to reduce stress or physical or emotional issues by spreading positive and peaceful energy into our surroundings. These singing bowls are used worldwide for yoga, meditation and spiritual healing. We check the sound quality of each singing bowl before shipping.

Skilled artisans intricately etch a myriad of designs onto the surface of our exquisite Etching Singing Bowls, each one telling a unique story. These handcrafted masterpieces emanate a captivating blend of visual and auditory artistry. The meticulous etching process brings life to the bowl’s surface, creating a stunning interplay of light and shadow.

When played, these Etching Singing Bowls produce a symphony of harmonious tones, resonating with a deep sense of tranquility and mindfulness. The craftsmanship and artistry behind each bowl come to life in the melodies they create, making them ideal companions for meditation and relaxation.

  • Comprehensive notes of notes and frequencies
  • Sound Therapy and Healing
  • Quality and Authentication
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Collection and Display

Our collection of Etching Singing Bowls is a testament to the fusion of tradition and creativity. Artisans draw from centuries-old techniques to craft these bowls, each a unique reflection of their expertise. These bowls hold the power to transform any space into a sanctuary of serenity, offering a tangible and audible connection to ancient traditions and the beauty of sound. Explore our selection today and experience the enchanting synergy of form and function in these timeless treasures.

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11cm, 12cm, 15cm


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