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hand woven soft scarf cashmere

Soft Handwoven Cashmere Shawl (CS40027)


Handcrafted Cashmere Pashmina Shawl in Black with Herringbone Pattern (CS4004)

Cashmere Pashmina Shawl in Black with Herringbone Pattern

Beautiful Handmade thick Shawl Cashmere – Chevron Pattern (CS4002)

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Beautiful Handmade thick Shawl Cashmere –Chevron pattern /Oversized Scarf /Wrap/ Shawl / Autumn Winter Blanket / Both MEN and Women
  • Hand loomed Fair-Trade Product
  • Materials: Cashmere, Pashmina, Nepalese handmade
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Length: 80 inches
  • Design: Chevron patterns
  • Perfect GIFT for your Right person, ideal for gift and wear any season perfect for any place
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Our 100% High-Quality Beautiful Handmade thick Shawl Cashmere Chevron Pattern made in Nepal. Pashmina is comfortable, warm and durable because it breathes and absorbs moisture it feels pleasant on our skin. Local and experienced craftswomen hand-loom our products. Our pure Beautiful Handmade thick Shawl Cashmere Chevron Pattern is exceptionally Soft, Warm and Lightweight and are available in various colors and designs which are suitable for both men and women. We believe in fair trade, and we always focus on Eco-Friendly production.

About Pashmina Cashmere:
Cashmere/Pashmina is a warm and delicate fabric that caresses the senses and embraces softness. Nepalese masters hand-weave the scarf using a traditional craft passed down from generation to generation. It is suitable for any occasion – from a business meeting to a pleasant ethereal feeling in the summer evenings and warm protection in the winter.
Care Instructions:
Dry Clean or Hand wash in cold water Recommended.

Avoid twisting or wringing the fabric.

The Chevron Pattern is more than just an accessory; it’s a symbol of luxury and sophistication. With this gorgeous scarf, a monument to the eternal craftsmanship, you may elevate your wardrobe and make a statement of classic elegance. Frequently referred to as “soft gold,” cashmere is prized for its exceptional texture and great warmth. The Chevron Pattern gives the traditional cashmere scarf a new twist, providing a striking contrast and enhancing your appearance.

Please note the actual fabric colors may vary due to monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of shawl.

Price set low but Quality NOT compromised. Buy with confidence.
Handmade Cashmere

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Beige, Black, Grey


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